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Cloud Telephony Solutions


Transform your Business with Interactive Voice Response System

Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) from AuthlinqTM is an automated business phone system aspect that grants users and callers to collaborate with a computer operated phone system with voice and DTMF tone input via a keypad.

ERP Services
  • Application Integration

    Raise enterprise efficiency by incorporating your telephony system with CRM, Google Sheets and other key products.

  • Programmable Multi - level IVR

    Layout your Multi-level IVR with diverse aims and organize each stage with an extremely personalized menu and call stream edifice.

  • Sticky Representative

    Link Up with the same representative all time your client contact client service and improve up their calling process.

  • Auto - Receptionist

    Respond every client call routinely by addressing the caller with a friendly refreshing note.

  • Live Call Checking Console

    Analyse your call centre’s accomplishment by retaining a safety check on the live condition of active, on-hold and detached calls.

  • Barging / Whispering :

    Barge or whisper into an active call and safeguard fault-free client benefit by aiding representatives in client management.


TollFree & Virtual Numbers
IVR Clients

Cloud Telephony Solutions

The cloud communication solutions from AuthlinqTM ensure a stable and efficient communication between your customers and your business.